Elevations Newsletter

May 2018





Next week is recital week!.  We sincerely thank our parents and dancers for getting us to this point.  This has been a great year, and we hope that you are excited to see the product of the time, money, and effort that students, parents, and instructors have put into it.   With your continued help, we can pull off an excellent show to end the year!


Please read through and review your orange recital information letter to be sure that you have not missed any important details or dates.  We will be glad to give you a new copy if you have misplaced yours. 


Please refer back to your recital letter for your student’s rehearsal time slot on May 7 or May 9 at the Ozark Civic Center.  We will be running a very tight schedule, so please try not to be late!!!  We will not be able to wait on anyone to begin.  We have a lot of routines to run in a very small amount of time.  If we happen to run ahead of schedule, we want to try to stay ahead; so we ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time.  Remember that there will be no classes held at all on Tuesday or Thursday of recital week.



All accounts must be current through April tuition and performance fees in order to perform in our recital.  We will have one more week of dance classes after our recital; and a full month’s tuition for May is due from each student by Tuesday, May 15.   Unpaid balances remaining at the end of the dance year may be turned over to collections, and families with outstanding accounts will not be able to register for future classes at Elevations until all is paid off.


We will be set up at the Civic Center during rehearsals on Monday and Wednesday of recital week to accept tuition, sell tickets, etc.  These will be the last opportunities for advanced ticket purchases, as all other ticket purchases must take place at the door.  No one will be at the studio to accept payments during those times, but you may leave checks or money orders in the studio mailbox.    



We still have some picture packages and program book proofs that have not been picked up.  Please be sure that you collect these from us.



Recital tickets are on sale as of Monday, April 30.  Tickets are $8 in advance.  No tickets will be sold on dress rehearsal day; there should be plenty of tickets for sale at the door for $10.  Complimentary tickets are now available for pick-up.  Please see someone at the front desk to do so.  Your complimentary program book ticket is included in the envelope with your complimentary recital tickets.  Tuition must be current and your $20 performance fee paid in order to obtain your complimentary tickets.


Civic Center Entry

On recital day, the side entrance of the CivicCenter will be open for parents and dancers only!  This entrance will be open 1 hour prior to show time and will be locked 20 minutes before show time. Those entering this side door must already have a ticket (unless you are a performer or official volunteer, in which case your name will be on a list for free admittance); no tickets will be sold at the side door.  You may redeem your complimentary program book ticket at this door, but no books will be sold at this door.  Remember that all dancers should arrive at the Civic Center 45 minutes prior to show time.


Remember that Elevations students may attend the show in which they are not performing free of admission.  We hope that they will take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy watching their fellow dancers.



Our final day of dance classes for this school year is Thursday, May 17.  Our last week of class will be laid back and fun, and we hope that you will attend. We also hope that you will join us for our summer drop-in classes listed below.  Please be looking out for fall class and registration information in the mail around mid-July. We hope you will take advantage of your pre-registration opportunity detailed in a separate letter/form. Fall Registration dates are below as well.


2018-2019 Competition Team

Anyone interested in being a part of Elevations’ Competition Team in the upcoming year need to attend the informational meeting at the studio on Tuesday, May 21 at 5:30pm. Tryouts will be set for a date soon following the meeting.  Anyone planning to participate should be available this summer, as choreography for the 2019 competition season will be set during this summer. 




Summer “Drop-in” Classes:

Experience dance classes in a variety of styles taught by a variety of instructors by attending any or all of these fun and unique classes.  There is no registration required.  Just show up and dance!


“Drop- in” Class dates and times:

Tuesdays, June 5, 12, 19, 26

Beginners / Rising Kindergarteners - 2nd Graders:  1:00-2:00

Intermediate/ Advanced / Rising 3rd Graders and up:  2:00-3:15

$9 per class.  Announcement of weekly class style and instructor will be updated via email and Facebook.



Fall 2018 Registration Dates:

Thursday, August 2:  8am-6pm

Tuesday, August 7:  3pm-7pm

Tuesday, August 21: 3pm-7pm







Elevations Newsletter

April 2018











Welcome back from spring break!  We hope your week was fun and relaxing and that you had a wonderful Easter!




Performance Fee:


Please remember that each student performing in the recital is to pay a $20 performance fee along with this month’s tuition.  Keep in mind that in return you will receive complimentary tickets and a program book.  Also, if your child is performing in both shows, don’t forget to sign up for which show you want 2 tickets, and for which show you want 1 ticket.




Since April 15 falls on a Sunday, our tuition deadline for this month will be Monday, April 16.




Sign Up!


A poster is now up in the studio lobby on which you can sign up for an area of volunteering for our recital.  We have some classes who really need a parent helper or two!  Past experience has proven to us that young children respond much better to mommies than to strangers who we may bring in to help!






Final orders for tights or other merchandise needed for our recital will be April 12.  Double-check that you have plenty of extra tights on-hand in case of mishaps.  Please do not rely on us having enough extras to fulfill your needs without preordering.




T-shirt and Trophy Orders:


Elevations Competition Team Parents Club is selling recital t-shirts and trophies.  Forms for these orders were distributed in March, and extras are available at the studio.  The forms and money for these orders are due by April 19.




The trophies sold by the team are similar to those that are given out by Elevations to students who have achieved perfect attendance throughout the school year (not counting days that were Ozark City School holidays).  Those with perfect attendance will have their names announced onstage and will be able to pick up their trophy at the conclusion of each recital.  If your child has not achieved perfect attendance, you may wish to purchase one of these trophies from the Parents Club.  If you are unsure of your student’s attendance record, please check with Holle or your child’s instructor.




Please be sure to make t-shirt and trophy checks to Elevations Parents Club.  Please do not include this payment in with any payments to Elevations School of Dance, as this money goes to a separate organization.




Good Luck!: Please keep our competition team in your thoughts and prayers for health, safety, and great performances on April 21 & 22.  They will be competing in Montgomery at Inspire National Dance Competition.  We are proud of the hard work they have put into preparing for this event.






Dates to Remember:




April 23 –Complimentary recital tickets available.  All accounts must be current in order to obtain these.




April 19 – Trophy and t-shirt orders due.  Don’t forget that these checks should be made payable to Elevations Parents Club.




April 30- Recital tickets go on sale




May 7 and 9 – Scheduled informal rehearsals at Ozark Civic Center. No regular classes this week.  The schedule for these rehearsals is on page 4 & 5 of your orange recital info letter.




May 11– Dress Rehearsal Day




May 12– Performance Day




May 17 – Final day of dance classes for this dance year





















Elevations Newsletter

March 2018











Recital Information


Your detailed informational recital letters will be ready later this month.  Due to the importance of these letters, they will be given out to parents only.  Once we notify you that they are ready, please pick yours up at the front desk; they will be in alphabetical order labeled with each student’s name.  Even if you receive the letter via email, we ask that you pick up your hard copy so that we have confirmation that you received one.   Please read this letter thoroughly and make notes of important dates and times.  We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have after reading the letter.






This month’s tuition deadline is Thursday, March 15.




Recital Costumes


Most recital costumes are being passed out in classes during the week of February 26.  Be sure to take the costumes out of the bags at home and hang them up and check for any alterations that need to be made, so that they will be ready to be worn on picture day.  If you are absent during the week that they are passed out, please check with the front desk so that we can get them for you.  Please remember that your account must be current in order to take costumes home.




Spring Break


Elevations will be closed March 23 - April 1 for spring break.  Classes will resume on Monday, April 2.




Recital Pictures


Recital pictures will be taken by Dunaway’s Studio on March 9 & 10.  Refer back to your lime green letter with the schedule and instructions.  Don’t forget to visit the studio during class hours on March 19, 20, and 22 to view recital picture proofs!  At this time you will be able to select proofs or packages to purchase and pick out and turn in any pictures you wish to include in your program book ad.




Ad Sales


Each student should have received a letter in February concerning program book ad sales.  All money and forms are due by Thursday, March 15.




Attendance and Timeliness


It was mentioned in last month’s newsletter that our instructors have the right to exclude dancers from parts of recital routines if they miss learning too much choreography due to absences.  If the instructors do allow a dancer to learn and participate in the parts that they miss, please make sure that your dancer understands that it is his or her responsibility to work extra hard to pick up quickly when missed parts are reviewed or to get with another student from the class to help him or her learn what was missed.  If instructors spend too much time going back over missed choreography, there will not be ample time to set the routine and polish it prior to performance time.




Please also strive to be on time for class.  Not only does your dancer potentially miss choreography that is taught, but it may also cause a disruption when one comes in late.




We also ask that you help your dancer make sure that he or she has all the shoes, accessories, etc. that are needed to fully participate in class.
























Elevations Newsletter

February 2018







February tuition is due by Thursday, February 15.   


Open President’s Day

WE WILL BE OPEN ON MONDAY, FEBRUARY 19, although it is President’s Day and is observed as a school holiday.  All dance classes will be held on this day!


Costume Balances

Please remember that the balance of your child’s costume costs are due by Thursday, February 22.  Any costume balance slips that have not been picked up by the parent will be mailed out very soon.   It is important that you pay this in a timely manner.  We will be passing out costumes shortly after this deadline, and your child will not be allowed to take his/hers home if it is not paid for or if there is any outstanding tuition or fees on the dancer’s account.


Recital Information

Costume pictures are posted downstairs outside the dressing room.  Any accessories needed are listed on the page with the picture.  If you wish to order your tights from us, please place your order by February 22 in order to receive them in time for picture day.


All classes have begun learning their dances for the recital.  Please try to avoid any unnecessary absences.  It is difficult on everyone when choreography is being taught and someone is missing or has to be caught up.  Our instructors have the right to leave a student out of parts when they are absent when that part of a routine is taught.  However, during this time of year when sickness is so prevalent, we ask that you do not bring your child to dance if he or she is sick or running a fever, so as to prevent the spread of illness.


Our detailed recital information letter will be available soon.  We will notify you when these are ready.  Due to their importance, we like for parents to pick these up their hard copy at the front desk.


Ad Sales

Recital program book ad sales will begin this month.  You will soon receive a letter and form about these ad sales.  The deadline for ad sales is Thursday, March 15.


Recital Pictures

Recital pictures will take place on March 9 and 10.  Schedules for these pictures are now available (lime green letter).  Please read over carefully and let us know if you have any questions about your time slot.


Make-Up Classes

Since we unfortunately had to cancel classes on Wednesday, January 17 & Thursday, January 18 due to the ice and snow, we want you to be reminded that you are welcome to attend an extra class to make this up.  Please talk to Holle if you are unsure of what class would be appropriate to attend.






Happy Valentine’s Day!





                                                                                                  November 2017

Elevations Newsletter


Tuition and Costume Deposits

This month’s tuition deadline is Wednesday, Nov. 15.


Each student will need to pay a $40 recital costume deposit by November 30.  This deposit, along with all current tuition, must be paid in order for a costume to be ordered for your child.  We are taking measurements this month, and costumes will be ordered during December.  Costume balances will be issued in January after all orders have been placed.  Please realize that all unpaid tuition from previous months must be paid before money will be accepted for a costume deposit.


Thanksgiving Holidays

Elevations will be closed Friday, Nov. 20 through Sunday, November 26 for the Thanksgiving holidays.


Save the Date!

For our Elevations Christmas party, we will once again be hosting a “Father/Daughter, Mother/Son” dance.  Please mark your calendars and inform your date, whether it’s dad, grandpa, brother, uncle, etc.  It will be held on the evening of Friday, Dec. 1.  (See official invitation on back of this letter!).  We do want to reiterate that only each student’s “date” should attend this event with him or her.  We only have space to accommodate each student plus one.  Also when a third person tags along, the entire dynamic of our event is altered.  This is our Christmas gift to our students, and we want it to be very special and fun.  Please be understanding in helping us keep this event as it was traditionally designed to be.


Ozark Christmas Parade

Don’t forget the Ozark Christmas Tree Lighting and Parade on Tuesday, December 5 at 6:00pm.  An earlier letter gave details of this event.  Those who are not performing downtown after the tree lighting are welcome to ride on our float, which will begin at Carroll High School and end at Super Sav.  We will allow parents to ride with their children as long as there is plenty of room for all children who wish to ride.


There will be no actual classes on parade day.  However, we will have a rehearsal that afternoon at the studio for the performers prior to the parade.  Reindeer performers (Pre- and Kinder- students) will rehearse 3:30-4:00, and all other parade performers will rehearse 4:00-4:45.  Then students will be released to their parents to meet downtown.


Sounds of the Season Concert

The above mentioned letter also gave details of the “Sounds of the Season” community Christmas concert in which those same groups will also perform.  The concert is at 7pm on Dec. 9 at the Ozark Civic Center.  We will have a rehearsal at the studio on Thursday, Dec. 7, 7:00-7:45pm.  Then there will be a dress rehearsal for the entire show at the civic center on Friday, Dec. 8 at 6pm. 



Dance-A-Thon Results

Thank you to all who participated, raised money, and helped out with our United Way Dance-A-Thon last month.  We are very proud to announce that we were able to present $1200 to the United Way on behalf of our dancers and their families.  Congratulations to Tenley White for being our Toys R Us gift card winner for the highest funds raised.  It is great to be able to raise money for a great cause and have a great time doing it!  All those who came and danced seemed to have had a blast!




Happy Thanksgiving!





September got us off to a busy but great start to our dance year.  Thank you dancers, parents, and staff for easing us through the hectic first month; we are looking forward to a wonderful year!


The October tuition deadline will be extended to Monday, Oct. 16, since the 15th falls on a Sunday. A $10 late fee will be applied to any payments not submitted by this date.  Also now due is the $40 deposit that goes toward your dancer’s recital costumes.  These will be collected through the end of November.  Costumes will be ordered in December, so it is very important that you pay this deposit on time.  Costumes will only be ordered for students whose deposit is paid and whose tuition is current.  No late orders will be placed.  This applies to all students (dance, hip-hop, cheernastics, baton) except for Move With Mom or Taekwondo students.



All students should have received a letter explaining our United Way Dance-A-Thon fundraiser which will be held on October 13.  This has been a fun and successful event for the past three years, so we really hope to have good participation.  Please RSVP by Monday, October 9, so that we can include you in our pizza party!  All money raised should be turned in by Thursday, October 19.  Remember that this year’s highest fund raiser will win a $50 Toys R Us gift card!!!  A minimum of $10 must be raised in order to attend.


Costume Sale Rack

Don’t forget our costume sale rack on the stage in Studio A.  These costumes are priced at $15 each and make great Halloween or dress-up costumes.


Elevations Holidays






Elevations will be closed to observe the following holidays throughout this 2017/ 2018 school year:


November 20-24- Thanksgiving Week


December 20 – January 2 – Winter/Christmas Break 


January 15 – M.L. King Jr. Holiday


March 26—30 – Spring Break



Dates to remember (more info to come):


Dance-A-Thon: Friday, October 13, 4:00-5:30


Father/Daughter, Mother/Son Dance: Friday, Dec 1


Ozark Christmas Parade: Tuesday, Dec. 5 (Rain date of Thurs., Dec. 7)


*Dale County Performing Arts Council Sounds of the Season Concert:  Saturday, Dec. 9 (Dress Reh Dec. 8)

*Details of this to be released very soon!!!!


Spring Dance Recital: Saturday, May 12.  Please keep this week as open as possible for extra rehearsals TBA.

(continued on back)

Bake Sale Results

Thank you, Elevations dancers, family, and friends for a tremendous outpouring of donations of baked goods and purchases of goodies! Our bake sale total was near $500!  Elevations is so proud to present this donation to pediatric cancer research on behalf of all our students.




A Few Tips for a Smooth Dance Year

Each year we find that it is important to make evaluations after the first month of dance to bring to light any problems that our staff may have noticed that could become issues as the year goes on if not addressed now.  Please review your handbook and read through these tips, and help us to keep our classes and everything in and around our studio running smoothly from day to day.


  1. 1.     Please always take younger children to the restroom before class begins.  One child needing to go during class will always trigger a chain reaction.


  1. 2.     We spend a lot of time re-tying the ballet shoes that have the string ties.  It is a good idea to adjust the shoes properly, then tie the strings in a knot and cut them off about an inch above the knot.


  1. 3.     For young students, please try to keep dance bags free of items that are likely to cause distractions.  We have encountered problems with them pulling out toys, snacks, drinks, etc. while changing shoes.


  1. 4.     We want our students to understand that all corrections and “coaching” in class should be taken with a positive attitude and put to use to better themselves.  It is the job of our instructors to push students to a level beyond what they initially believe that they are capable of.  All students need to understand and respect this concept.  After all, this is why they attend dance classes!


  1. 5.     We want to remind you that the downstairs waiting area is available when the lobby becomes hot and crowded.  With that said, please be mindful of classes that are in session.  There is no actual door to close those classes off from those waiting on the other side of the dividers, so any noise and activity can interfere with the instruction taking place.  Please keep the noise level down to minimize distractions.  If you have other children along with you, it may be best to wait upstairs as to avoid distracting the class in session.  We want these classes to be treated with the same respect as those taking place in an upstairs studio with a closed door.


  1. 6.     Please refer back to our handbook for rules concerning behavior, classroom etiquette, and dress code.  Parents, please help us to reiterate the importance of these policies to your students.  Students should come to class with plenty of ponytail holders.  It is distracting and dangerous and against our dress code to have loose hair.  It is also recommended that students keep an extra pair of tights on hand in their bags.  Please understand that it is very inappropriate to wear dancewear without tights underneath.   We expect our students to dress with modesty.


  1. 7.     Please do your best to drop off and pick up students on time.  Students who are significantly late for class miss out on some important things, and with little ones it can throw them off for the duration of the class.  Arriving on time to pick up your child is in fairness to your child and our staff.


  1. 8.     We are very fortunate to have “marley” dance flooring in each of Elevations’ studios.  This is a very expensive flooring that not all studios are able to have, and we want to take good care of it and preserve it. Please be careful not to wear your dance shoes outside.  When shoes track in mud, dirt, and rocks, it is damaging to our floors and also causes one’s classmates to have to dance on a dirty floor!  Though the floors are cleaned regularly, we do not have time to clean between each class; so we ask that you help us out by coming into the studios with clean shoes!



Thank you all for your help in addressing these matters!

Happy Halloween and Happy Fall!!