Welcome to Elevations!  We are excited to have you with us for this school year, and we pray you have an excellent experience with us.


Please look for your newsletter at the beginning of each month via email and Remind messages and hard copies handed out at the end of your child’s dance class.  The newsletters will also be posted on our website,  Important reminders and updates concerning dates, fees, holidays, and performances will be included in the newsletters each month.  Please notify the front desk if you would like your email address added to the list; or if you provided an email address and have not been receiving emails from us, please check to make sure that we have recorded it correctly.  Also, please inform us throughout the year of any changes in your contact information such as email, phone numbers, mailing address, etc.  


We have three great ways to inform you of quick messages and updates in between our monthly newsletters:

  1. Email (you can contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

  2. Facebook:   Be sure to like our Elevations page:

  3.  “Remind” text messaging system:  You will see directions on the reverse of this letter and in your handbook on how to sign up for these text messages.



Tuition is usually due by the 15th of each month.  However, since the 15th of September falls on a Saturday on which we do not hold normal business hours, we will accept tuition on Monday, September 17 with no late fee.   After this deadline a $10 fee will be added to late payments.  If you pay by check, please be sure to put your child’s name in the memo.  All checks should be made payable to Elevations.  Tuition may be paid at the front desk during office hours, or checks can always be left in the payment box, placed in our mailbox, or sent by mail.  Please do not leave cash payments unattended.  We also accept credit/debit cards in person or over the phone. 


Combo Classes

Combo class students are those enrolled in Creative Movement/Tap (3yr olds), Pre-Ballet/Tap (4/5 year olds), and Kinder-Ballet/Tap (Kindergarteners).  Unless on the occasion you are told otherwise, please have your dancer in his/her ballet shoes for the beginning of class.  Send their tap shoes in with them in their dance bag, and we will help change their shoes at the appropriate time.  From time to time parents will be invited in at the end of class for a brief “show”.  We will try to give you advanced warning on these days, so that you can arrive back about 15 minutes early as to not miss the show.  Their first class (Sept. 4-10) will be one of those weeks!


Bring a Bear Day

We will be having several theme class weeks for our combo classes (Creative Movement/Tap, Pre-Ballet/Tap, Kinder-Ballet/Tap) throughout the year.  The week of Sept. 17-20 will be “Bring a Bear” week. Please allow your combo class student to bring along a favorite bear (or other stuffed animal) to join him/her in dance class this week.


“Going Gold” Bake Sale

We will be holding a bake sale at the studio during class hours each day during the week of September 24.  All items will be sold for $1 each, and all proceeds will go directly to pediatric cancer research.  Plan to bring along some money for a snack before or after dance class!  This was a huge success the past few years, and we hope to grow bigger each year!  The more items we have to sell, the more money we can raise!  If you would be willing to donate some baked goods for the sale, please package them individually where they can be sold for $1/piece; and drop items off shortly before or during dance classes any day that week (Mon., Sept. 24-Thurs., Sept. 27).


Helpful Tips:

  • Students should take the time to use the restroom before class, as to prevent distractions by students leaving class to go.


  • Please be sure to write names on all dance shoes and accessories.  Students in combo classes should keep their shoes in a bag, so that we can easily find them when it is time to change.  Shoes like to go flying, and they all look alike!!!  Combo classes will usually begin class in their ballet shoes, so please have them ready in those shoes first unless notified otherwise.


  • We ask that you please be mindful of the parking lot, as it gets very congested at certain times of the week.  Remind your children to carefully watch for oncoming traffic, and please be considerate of the yards, parking, and access of our neighbors in the nearby church, storage units, and homes.  Please keep our front yard and walkway free of vehicles.


  • Remind students that though dance class is fun, it is also requires work and discipline!  They should go into class each week with a great attitude, ready to put forth their best and show respect to their instructors and fellow students.

Save the Date!

Our annual school recital is scheduled for Saturday, May 4 at the Ozark Civic Center.  Our mandatory dress rehearsal will be held on the afternoon/evening of Friday, May 3.  Please keep the week leading up to this as free as possible for extra rehearsals



It is not too late to order or purchase dancewear, shoes, etc.  Orders will be placed throughout the year.  Please see someone at the front desk to inquire about shoe fittings, purchases, or orders.  Be sure to pick up any orders that may have already been placed.  Cost of the merchandise must be paid in full before it can be claimed.



We still have numerous Elevations t-shirts and tank tops available for purchase, and some of those are available at clearance prices!  If you missed them at registration, please see the front desk to purchase one. 



If you did not receive a 2018-2019 Elevations Handbook at registration, please let us know and we will get one for you.


Again, we are so glad to have each of you at Elevations! 

We hope that you and your dancer have a great year with us!


Instructions for Signing up to Receive “Remind” text messages from Elevations:


  Please understand that the phone number associated with these messages is no one’s actual phone number.  If you need to contact us, please call (445-4414) or email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) the studio.


There are two options of ways in which you can sign up for these messages:


  1. (Easiest way!) Send a text message from your mobile phone to:

    (571) 421-2512   with the message:  @elev14-15


  2. Go to:

    You will then be asked to enter your mobile phone number.  A code will be sent through text messaging to your phone, and you will enter the code on the website.