*Class Schedule


Creative Movement / Tap (Age 3)

Monday 3:15-4:15

Wednesday 5:30-6:30


 Pre-Ballet / Tap (Ages 4 & 5):

Tuesday 3:30-4:30

Thursday 4:45-5:45


 Kinderballet / Tap (Kindergarteners)

Monday 6:15-7:15

Thursday 3:45-4:45


 Level I (1st and 2nd grade):

Monday  -     Tap 3:45-4:15

                       Ballet 4:15-5:00

                      Jazz 5:00-5:30


Level I/II  (1st & 2nd grade / less-experienced 3rd & 4th grade)

Thursday -   Jazz  5:15-5:45

                   Tap  5:45- 6:15

                       Ballet 6:15-7:00          


 Level II (3rd and 4th grade):

Tuesday –   Jazz 4:30-5:15

                      Ballet 5:30-6:30

                      Tap 6:30-7:00

                  Modern 7:00-7:45



Level III/IV (Grades 5 and up):

Tuesday  -   Jazz 5:15-6:00

                      Ballet 6:00-7:00

                      Tap 7:00-7:30



Level III, IV,V Modern/ Contemporary:

Monday - 7:30-8:15


**Level V (Grades 7 & up):

Thursday   Jazz 4:30-5:15

                      Ballet 5:30-6:30

                       Tap 6:30-7:00



Monday   Jazz 4:15-5:00

                   Ballet 5:15-6:15

                   Tap 6:15-6:45


 **Int/Adv Modern/Contemporary:

Monday  6:45-7:30


**Advanced (Grades 9 & up):

Monday –        Jazz Monday 5:30-6:30

Wednesday-   Tap 3:45-4:15

                          Ballet 4:15-5:30


 Clogging I (1st grade and up):

Monday 6:45-7:30


Clogging II/III:

Tuesday 6:15-7:00


 Clogging IV:

Thursday 7:00-7:45


 Advanced Clogging: 

Thursday 6:15-7:00


 Cheernastics  I (approximate ages 4-7):

Thursday 5:15-6:00


Cheernastics II (approximate ages 8 & up):

Thursday 6:00-7:00



Adult Tap:

Monday 7:15-8:00


Hip-Hop A (Grades 1-4):

Tuesday 7:00-7:45


Hip-Hop B (Grades 5 and up):

Tuesday 7:45-8:30


 Baton A (ages 4-7/beginner):

Tuesday 3:45-4:30



Baton B (ages 8 and up with experience):

Tuesday 4:30-5:15


Move With Mom ($40 per month) (movement/dance/tumbling for 2 year olds along with an adult helper.  This class does not participate in recital):

Tuesday 5:30-6:00


Pointe/Pre-Pointe Class (Level V and up) (This is an “add-on” class; one must already be enrolled in a ballet class to enroll.  There will not be a recital routine for this class.

Thursday 5:45-6:15



Every Tuesday 6:45-7:45pm

Every Wednesday 5:30-6:30pm

drop-in $5/class



Every Tuesday 7:45-8:30pm - drop-in $5/class



Level I: Monday 5:30-6:15

Level II: Monday 6:15-7:00



Please note that age and grade are only a general guideline and starting point for level placement.  Experience and skill level are the most important factors.  Final placements are at the discretion of the director and other instructors.  Please respect the decisions of our faculty, as their expertise will guarantee that your student is placed in the level most beneficial to him or her.

*Elevations reserves the right to make minor changes in class schedules prior to or after registration due to numbers enrolled in a class or scheduling problems.  Students will be notified of any changes by phone or email prior to the first week of classes.


 ** Level V, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels are made up of students who have been individually placed there by Elevations instructors.