March Newsletter

Recital Information

Your detailed informational recital letters are now available for pick-up.  Due to the importance of these letters, they will be given out to parents only.  Please pick yours up at the front desk; they will be in alphabetical order labeled with each student’s name.  Even if you receive the letter via email, we ask that you pick up your hard copy so that we have confirmation that you received one.   Please read this letter thoroughly and make notes of important dates and times.  We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have after reading the letter.


This month’s tuition deadline is Monday, March 16 since the 15th falls on a Sunday.

Recital Costumes

Most recital costumes were passed out in classes during the week of February 24.  Be sure to take the costumes out of the bags at home and hang them up and check for any alterations that need to be made, so that they will be ready to be worn on picture day.  If you were absent during the week that they were passed out, please check with the front desk so that we can get them for you.  Please remember that your account must be current in order to take costumes home.

Spring Break

Elevations will be closed March 20 – 29 for spring break.  Classes will resume on Monday, March 30.

Recital Pictures

Recital pictures will be taken at Elevations by Dunaway’s Studio on March 6 & 7.  Refer back to your blue letter with the schedule and instructions.  Don’t forget to visit the studio during class hours on March 16, 17, and 19 to view recital picture proofs!  At this time you will be able to select proofs or packages to purchase and pick out and turn in any pictures you wish to include in your program book ad.

Ad Sales

Each student should have received a letter in February concerning program book ad sales.  All money and forms are due by Thursday, March 12.

New Policy

We had begun having some issues with students sitting in on classes that they were not enrolled in as they were waiting for other classes as well as students bringing along friends to sit in on their classes.  This has led to several distractions, which has led to a new policy being instated that only students officially enrolled in a class may be in the studio during the time that a class is in session.  Friends or waiting dancers can sit in the lobby or in the downstairs waiting area.  There may be special circumstances where permission may be granted for someone to sit in, but we ask that you respect this new policy as it will help your dancers get the most out of their class time.


Tights or shoes that were ordered for recital pictures are now in and are available for pick-up.

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