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We have enjoyed our first month of dance with you all.  Thank you dancers, parents, and staff for your help and patience as we transitioned into this school year with the new precautions that Covid-19 has brought about.

This month’s tuition deadline is Thursday, October 15. A $10 late fee will be applied to any payments not submitted by this date.  Also now due is the $40 deposit that goes toward your dancer’s recital costumes.  These will be collected through the end of November.  Costumes will be ordered in December, so it is very important that you pay this deposit on time.  Costumes will only be ordered for students whose deposit is paid and whose tuition is current.  No late orders will be placed.  This applies to all students.

Bring a Friend Week

During the week of October 19-22 each of our students is invited to bring a friend of his/hers along to dance class. This will be an opportunity for our dancers to share their love of dance with a friend and for friends to give dance a try to see if it is something he/she might want to participate in.  Any student who brings a friend along who decides to enroll in a class at Elevations will receive a $10 tuition or merchandise credit!

Costume Sale Rack

Don’t forget our costume sale rack on the stage in Studio A.  These costumes are priced at $15 each and make great Halloween or dress-up costumes.

Halloween Week: Students are invited to wear a costume or costume pieces to class during Halloween week, Oct. 26-29.  Also, combo class parents will be invited in for the last few minutes of class to see a “Halloween show”!

Elevations Holidays


Elevations will be closed to observe the following holidays throughout this 2020/ 2021 school year:

November 23-27– Thanksgiving Week

December 21 – January 3 – Winter/Christmas Break 

January 18 – M.L. King Jr. Holiday

March 22—26 – Spring Break

Dates to remember (more info to come):

Claybank Jamboree: Elevations Competition team will perform downtown Ozark around 10am.

Ozark Christmas Parade: Tuesday, Dec. 8

Spring Dance Recital: Saturday, May 15.  Please keep this week as open as possible for extra rehearsals TBA.

A Few Tips for a Smooth Dance Year

Each year we find that it is important to make evaluations after the first month of dance to bring to light any problems that our staff may have noticed that could become issues as the year goes on if not addressed now.  Please review your handbook and read through these tips, and help us to keep our classes and everything in and around our studio running smoothly from day to day.

  1. Please always take younger children to the restroom before class begins.  One child needing to go during class will always trigger a chain reaction.
  • We spend a lot of time re-tying the ballet shoes that have the string ties.  It is a good idea to adjust the shoes properly, then tie the strings in a knot and cut them off about an inch above the knot.
  • For young students, please try to keep dance bags free of items that are likely to cause distractions.  We have encountered problems with them pulling out toys, snacks, drinks, etc. while changing shoes.
  • We want our students to understand that all corrections and “coaching” in class should be taken with a positive attitude and put to use to better themselves.  It is the job of our instructors to push students to a level beyond what they initially believe that they are capable of.  All students need to understand and respect this concept.  After all, this is why they attend dance classes!
  • Please refer back to our handbook for rules concerning behavior, classroom etiquette, and dress code.  Parents, please help us to reiterate the importance of these policies to your students.  Students should come to class with plenty of ponytail holders.  It is distracting and dangerous and against our dress code to have loose hair.  It is also recommended that students keep an extra pair of tights on hand in their bags.  Please understand that it is very inappropriate to wear dancewear without tights underneath.   We expect our students to dress with modesty.
  • Please do your best to drop off and pick up students on time.  Students who are significantly late for class miss out on some important things, and with little ones it can throw them off for the duration of the class.  Arriving on time to pick up your child is in fairness to your child and our staff.
  • We are very fortunate to have “marley” dance flooring in each of Elevations’ studios.  This is a very expensive flooring that not all studios are able to have, and we want to take good care of it and preserve it. Please be careful not to wear your dance shoes outside.  When shoes track in mud, dirt, and rocks, it is damaging to our floors and also causes one’s classmates to have to dance on a dirty floor!  Though the floors are cleaned regularly, we do not have time to clean between each class; so we ask that you help us out by coming into the studios with clean shoes!

Thank you all for your help in addressing these matters!

Happy Halloween and Happy Fall!!

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