Recital Picture Schedule

Elevations 2020 Recital Picture Schedule

Elevations recital pictures will be taken by Dunaway’s studio on Friday, March 6 and Saturday, March 7 at Elevations.  Below you will find some important points of information concerning these pictures as well as the picture schedule for each class.  We ask that you read carefully.  Please understand that many factors are taken into consideration for the scheduling of these pictures, and unfortunately, we cannot completely please and convenience everyone at the same time.

  • Group shots and individuals will be taken during the allotted time slot for each costume.  Please arrive several minutes before your scheduled time, so that your child will be ready to have his/her first picture taken at the time scheduled.

Even if you have no intention of purchasing pictures, you are encouraged to bring your child for the group picture.  There is no sitting fee for any of the pictures taken.  If you have a major conflict and cannot make it for the picture dates, please contact Dunaway’s Studio prior to the picture dates to arrange a photo shoot at his photography studio in Enterprise.

Please be aware that the photographer will not allow parents to be in the room during the photo session.  Elevations instructors will be posing the students for their pictures.

  • A representative from Dunaway’s Studio will be at Elevations on Monday, March 16, Tuesday, March 17, and Thursday, March 19 for you to choose your pictures for the program book and any packages that you would like to purchase.  It is important that you come by on one of these days to choose and purchase your pictures and to ensure that your preferred picture is put in any ads that you may purchase (ad purchasing info will be available soon!).
  • Please try for each child to be accompanied by one parent only.  The lobby and downstairs area will be very busy with students waiting and changing costumes. 
  • *Anyone desiring shots of small groups or duos such as extended family members, friends or business acquaintances will need to come around 8:00 on Friday night or around 2:00 on Saturday of picture days for these shots.  We realize that while this might not seem particularly convenient for you, this is the best way to keep things running smoothly and on schedule for the majority of our dancers.  These extra pictures contributed to our schedule running behind in years past. Siblings are the exception; they can take their shots together during their regular time slots if they are quick and dressed at the same time.

Friday, March 6

Time Slot                                                Classes

3:00                         Pre-Tap (Tues. 3:30 lime green)

3:30                         Pre-Ballet (Tues. 3:30 yellow/pink)

4:00                         Kinder-Ballet (Thurs 3:45 yellow/navy dress) / Level I Tap (Mon. 4:00 black/white polka dot)

4:30                         Kinder-Tap (Thurs. 3:45 fuchsia/black) / Level I Jazz (Mon. 4:30 purple tie-dye)

5:00                         Level II Jazz (Mon. 5:00 blue sequins) / Level I Ballet (Mon. 5:00 purple/pink)

5:30                         Level II Ballet Mon. 4:00 yellow dress) / Clogging I (Mon. 6:15 poodle skirt)                         

6:00                         Level II Tap (Mon. 5:45 black/turquoise) / Level IV/V Tap (Tues. 4:00 blue sequin dress)

6:30                         Level II / III Modern (Tues. 6:45 peach dress) / Level IV/V Ballet (Tues. 5:30 navy dress)

7:00                         Kinder-Ballet (Mon. 6:15 yellow/navy dress) / Level IV/V Jazz (Tues. 4:30 silver jacket)

7:30                        Kinder-Tap (Mon. 6:15 fuchsia/black) / Clogging II (Monday 7:00 purple dress)

7:50                         Adult Tap (Mon. 7:15) / Hip Hop B (Mon. 7:15 black/silver top/pants)

8:05                         Zumba / Clogging III (Thursday 6:30 black with multi-colored sequins) /  *Group, friends, extra shots

Saturday, March 7

Time Slot                                                Classes

9:00                         Creative Movement Ballet (Wed. 5:45 mouse) / Level III Jazz (Tuesday 4:30 red/black)

9:30                         Creative Movement Tap (Wed. 5:45 lavender/turquoise) / Level III Ballet (Tues. 5:45 (cream/gold dress)

10:00                       Move with Mom (Tues. 5:15 dance attire of choice) / Level III Tap (Tues. 5:15 black/silver fringe)

10:30                       Pre-Ballet (Thurs. 4:45 yellow/ pink) / Hip Hop A (Mon. 5:30 white w/black stars)

11:00                       Pre-Tap (Thurs. 4:45 lime green) / Kinder-Baton (Wed. 3:45 red dress)

11:20                       Baton A (Wed. 4:15 multi-colored ruffles) / Baton B (Wed. 5:00 black/orange)

11:40                       Cheernastics I (Thurs. 5:45 red/blue w/ megaphone) / Adv Clogging (Thurs. 7:15 silver/black)


12:20 Level IV/V/Int Modern (Thurs.. 5:15 burgundy dress)

12:30                       Cheernastics II (Thurs. 4:30 pink/purple) / Adv Tap (Mon. 5:45 black/silver w/bow)

12:50                       Int Jazz (Tues.5:45 purple w/ black lace) / Adv Jazz (Mon. 6:15 silver dress)

1:20                         Int Ballet (Tues. 6:30 blue lace) / Adv Modern (Wed.3:45 varied black)

1:50                         Int Tap (Tues. 7:30 red fringe) / Adv Ballet (Wed. 4:30 black/silver lace)

2:10                         *groups, friends, extra shots / Competition Team Large Group (I Can See Clearly)

2:30                         It’s All About to Change

2:40                         My Wish

2:50                         Beautiful Girls

3:00                         I’m Alright

3:10                         Better When I’m Dancing

3:20                         Do My Thing

3:30                         Money

3:40                         Welcome to the Sixties / All solos

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